Buch mmm - Museums in Münster (engl.)

Buch mmm - Museums in Münster (engl.)
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Who would have thought, that the city of Münster could come up with 26 museums and exhibition... mehr
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Who would have thought, that the city of Münster could come up with 26 museums and exhibition buildings full of amazing exhibits from a broad spectrum of themes, eras, cultures and art genres? From the medieval reliquary treasures of the cathedral through precious rarities from the cultures of East Asia; from Picasso, Macke and Richter, from Outsider Art and Art Brut; the post windmill to the mammoth’s skeleton; Annette von Droste-Hülshoffs’s living room and study; up to more than 1,200 years of city history: it’s all there! With more than 200 coloured illustrations, this museum guide gives a comprehensive overview of Münster’s up-to-date museum landscape, accompanied by location plans, contact details, opening times, entry prices and explanatory notes on the collections and individual exhibits. Come along and be prepared to be amazed! From Dr. Barbara Rommé (Editor).

Klappenbroschur, 144 pages with more than 200 photos.

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