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Vivacious and dreamy, modern and rustic, between hedge banks and oak forests, between fairytale... mehr
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Vivacious and dreamy, modern and rustic, between hedge banks and oak forests, between fairytale castles and country manors, between half-timber houses and farmsteads: this is Münsterland. This region, however, has more to offer; trendy districts, exquisite shopping, modern Museums from Picasso to Rock’n’Pop, and a full event calendar also await you. Münster, not only a university city but a bishop’s see as well, has given the name to the region that stretches between Lower Saxony (north), the Ruhr Valley (south), the Netherlands (west) and East Westphalia (east). As the only large city, Münster is nestled between the rural districts of Borken, Coesfeld, Steinfurt, and Warendorf. With commentaries and remarks to over 150 of his photographs, the editor of the Münstersche Zeitung, Helmut-Peter Etzkorn, presents a multifaceted picture of this unique region, in which history and present, art and religion, nature and people, horses and bicyclists, and churches and moated castles encounter one another. Welcome to Münsterland! From Helmut-Peter Etzkorn.


96 pages with more than 150 photos.

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