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Münster - At its best The Sightseeing Book Fotografiert, in Szene gesetzt und mit... mehr
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Münster - At its best The Sightseeing Book

Fotografiert, in Szene gesetzt und mit inspirierenden Texten in englischer Sprache versehen von dem begeisterten Münsteraner Gösta Clemens Peter. When you see Münster, the most livable city, through the eye of an enthusiastic Münsteran photographer, the inevitable result is a richly varied series of photos showing the incredible cityscapes and carefully selected motifs of the Westphalian Metropolis. Beginning with Münster’s parlour, the "Prinzipalmarkt", which is a piece of living urban history and subsequently continuing through 12 chapters, the photographer Gösta Clemens Peter reveals to you the most beautiful views of the city. See and experience the city of churches, the city of art and culture, the University City, the market square, as well as the pub scene of Münster! Get to know authentic Münsteran cuisine and especially the Münsterlanders, all the while not forgetting to find out exactly what it is about Münster and its relationship to water. Curious? Then come along! You'll not only get to know a wonderful city with many different faces, but come to love this city as well.

Hardcover, 23 x 23 cm

88 Seiten mit über 150 wundervollen Farb-Fotografien

ISBN: 978-3-943557-37-4 12,95 ¤

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